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Unveiled…a fresh identity

Fresh Identity

In a bid to align our mission to provide safe, timely and efficient subsea and marine solutions that improve the performance & integrity of your assets and guarantee smooth operations and value to your bottom line; we at NROV Subsea have repositioned the vision of the company as evidenced in this new brand identity, in order to become the reputable subsea and marine company of choice in the exploration and production of Oil and Gas.

NROV Replaces IBDM

NROV replaces its International Business Development Manager, Mr Charles Okpere.

On behalf of NROV, we wish him great success going forward and thank him for the brief time spent.

Seyi Katola Joins the Board

Mr Seyi Katola
Following a meeting of the Board of Directors, Mr Seyi Katola was appointed a board member. The entire members of the board and staff of NROV Subsea Limited (NSL) have congratulated and welcomed him to the board.

Prior to his appointment, he has been serving and would continue his role as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of NSL.

We wish him all the best of luck as he assumes his role on the board.